Drone Surveying by Community Sciences Corporation

Accurate land survey data can be difficult to collect. The need for detailed topographical data is shared by private landowners, title companies, and contractors alike. In fact, a proper land survey is both a legal and a logistical prerequisite to any construction project.

The use of drone technology can greatly speed up this process. For drone surveying services in  New Mexico, Community Sciences Corporation (CSC) is the best choice.

Why Use Drones?

The use of drones has revolutionized the field of land surveying. As opposed to traditional methods, which can be time-consuming and difficult, drones offer myriad benefits, including:

  • Speed: drones can fly over larger parcels of land and take accurate photographs in a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods to achieve similar results. This drastically reduces the needed man-hours.

  • Accuracy: drones gather incredibly accurate information, and through the use of tools such as ground control points, this accuracy only increases.

  • Convenience: drone flights are automated, meaning they are performed quickly and thoroughly with fewer opportunities for human error.

  • Features: in additional to generating topographical information, drones can be used to create detailed maps and can even shoot promotional footage of the land.

Drones are clearly amazing tools in the land surveying industry. However, without an experienced and licensed team, these drones are little more than toys. 

Why Use Community Sciences Corporation?

We at CSC have 3 FAA UAS-Part 107 pilots that can handle multiple drone surveys across the state. Combine that with 40 plus years of Land Surveying across the Southwestern United States, we know what kind of information is needed. Whether you’re selling land, buying land, or beginning a construction project, accurate information is key to making the right decisions. Don’t rely on the incorrect solution for your unique situation. If you think drone surveying services are right for you, contact Community Sciences Corporation today at 505.897.0000 to learn more.