Why Hire a Land Surveying Company Before You Buy Land


Whether you're looking to start investing in real estate or you just want to buy a lot of land, you need to consider hiring a surveying company first. Surveying companies are especially important when you buy a large or oddly shaped piece of property. If you don't think you need a surveyor, check out these benefits of which you should be aware.


It Defines the Property Lines

When you buy a finished piece of property, you can often define the property lines yourself, especially if the property has fences on it. However, if you buy land, especially land in the middle of nowhere, determining the exact extent of your property can be difficult unless you hire a land surveying company to define the property lines for you to establish the official boundary.


Knowing where your property ends is important for many reasons. First, you don't want to accidentally start building on someone else's property, but you also don't want someone else building on your property. Another benefit to knowing your property lines is fully knowing what is included, such as ponds, creeks, and facilities.


It Uncovers Potential Easements

Easements are pieces of land that someone else has been granted permission to use. For example, the previous owner may have allowed a neighbor to use a private road on their property as a shortcut. When the property is sold, however, the easement remains. Therefore, even if you never agreed to give someone access to your property, you may have to because of a former agreement.


A survey will uncover any potential easements so that you can determine what to do. In some cases, you may not care and will continue to let the neighbor use the road. However, if the road is in your way because you want to build something, you may need to take action to resolve the easement, or you may want to avoid buying the land altogether.


It Discovers Potential Encroachments

Another problem with buying land is your neighbors may not have gotten a survey before buying. Therefore, they may have not known where their property ended when they started building. As a result, you may have buildings or structures on or close to your property. Some may be easy to spot, such as a detached garage or barn.


Many potential encroachments, however, are underground, such as septic tanks, but a professional surveyor will find them for you. They can also help identify any other potential problems or perks underground, such as groundwater and wells. Not only does this help you know what's on your property, but it better prepares you for building.


It Helps You Plan for the Future

The biggest reason to get a land surveyor is because they will help you plan for the future. In some cases, the survey can mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding a piece of property that has a lot of problems, such as easements, so you can save your money for a better investment.


Of course, it also helps you know what you have. For example, if you plan to build a neighborhood or community, having a lake on the property could be a perk. However, that lake that enticed you to buy may not even be part of your property. By hiring a surveyor to tell you exactly what you own, you can better plan for your future and investment.


Buying land can be a great and rewarding investment and opportunity. However, if you don't know what you're getting, you're taking a big risk. A land surveying company will help you define your boundaries and uncover potential complications. For more information, contact us at Community Sciences Corporation today.

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