Land Surveying: What to Expect

At one point or another, many people will have to go through the land surveying process. The most common time that this happens is when you're planning to buy or build a structure. Land surveyors are there to make sure the land is high-quality and stable and to protect your investment.


With that said, however, many people are nervous about the process and feel overwhelmed. One way to help ease your nerves a bit is by knowing what to expect during the land surveying process. And fortunately, as long as you hire a qualified company, you should be able to predict exactly how the surveying process will go.


Land Boundaries

One of the first jobs of a professional land surveyor is to determine the boundaries of your property. This means seeking out the exact point where your land stops and starts. This process is extremely helpful in avoiding litigation or issues with neighbors and just for your own knowledge and benefit.


There is a good chance that if you own the land already, you already have a property map laying out the land and what belongs to who. Have this map on hand so you can compare the results to the results your surveyor comes up with and settle any disputes before the surveying results are made official.



When your land surveyor arrives, they will probably ask to see any documentation that you may have available related to your land.


This will likely include at least the following:

  • Documentation showing your exact address
  • Documentation that proves who the current landowner is
  • The PIN (personal identification number) of the property
  • The current deed
  • Any available maps, former deeds, or other documentation related to your property
  • Written authorization to survey the property

By gathering all of this documentation ahead of time, you can save yourself and your surveyor a lot of hassle. Having everything you need prepared and ready to go can prevent having to reschedule your land survey for later. If you have questions or are unsure of which exact documents you need, do not hesitate to ask the surveying company that you have hired.



The best land surveying companies are not just going to come out and survey after you fill out a brief form on their website. Instead, good companies will take the time to get to know you and your needs. Be prepared to explain why you are having the surveying done, what you hope will come from it, and who you will need to share the results of the survey with.


This information sets the surveyor up to perform the correct type of survey, as well as to meet your exact needs and to provide the right documentation following the survey.


Thus, be prepared to answer questions about your surveying project before it even begins.


The Law

In addition to discussing your needs with the land surveying process, your company will also want to talk to you about the laws related to land surveying in your area.


A good company should let you know what they're looking for, how they make various determinations, and how and to whom they are obligated to report their findings.


Pay attention in this part of the process because all of this information is given for your benefit.


As you can see, a lot happens during the land surveying process. However, if you are prepared for what is going to occur and take steps to ready yourself and your land for it, it should go off without a hitch. And for easy, expert land surveying every time, contact the experts at Community Sciences Corporation.

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